Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Things That Came Out of the Camera

We recently took a quick (left early Friday afternoon, back early Saturday evening) trip to OKC to visit family and have some (long overdue) dental work done by my uncle, who's a dentist.
I took this picture on our way out of town - it was very windy, which I guess is why the clouds were like this...
This is my hair after taking the pictures (I stuck my head out the sunroof (while driving)):
(That's a lie. Lorna was driving.)
These are my wonderful children, who slept almost the entire way home Saturday:

This is Ella looking sassy in the outfit Jeff & Celia sent her for her birthday (we love the shirt, guys):
This is Jack, already acting innocent behind the wheel of a car:
And here he is practicing for his career as a drunken jazz pianist ("I just need another scotch, then I'll be able to stay on the bench..."):

And this is a totally random sign that one of my neighbors had in his yard back in June or July. That same dog has pooped in my yard many a time as well. (When it was first up, it had a bag of the dog's poop hanging from it - a classy touch.)

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