Sunday, November 30, 2008

All I Want for Christmas...

All Bundled Up

Lorna and Jack, geared up for the ride home from church.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

More YouTube Madness

Another video my mom made of Jack and uploaded to YouTube, featuring (toward the end) his patented "crawl-walk," or "crawlk":

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Things That Came Out of the Camera

We recently took a quick (left early Friday afternoon, back early Saturday evening) trip to OKC to visit family and have some (long overdue) dental work done by my uncle, who's a dentist.
I took this picture on our way out of town - it was very windy, which I guess is why the clouds were like this...
This is my hair after taking the pictures (I stuck my head out the sunroof (while driving)):
(That's a lie. Lorna was driving.)
These are my wonderful children, who slept almost the entire way home Saturday:

This is Ella looking sassy in the outfit Jeff & Celia sent her for her birthday (we love the shirt, guys):
This is Jack, already acting innocent behind the wheel of a car:
And here he is practicing for his career as a drunken jazz pianist ("I just need another scotch, then I'll be able to stay on the bench..."):

And this is a totally random sign that one of my neighbors had in his yard back in June or July. That same dog has pooped in my yard many a time as well. (When it was first up, it had a bag of the dog's poop hanging from it - a classy touch.)

Jack and the Stacking Bucket

A few shots of Jack playing with the stacking buckets his Uncle Jeff & Aunt Celia sent him for his birthday:

Snapshots from Ella's Sixth Birthday Party

Ella got cool stuff for her birthday....

...lots and lots of stuff.

Attacking the old guy with foam swords was so much fun, not even birthday cake slowed them down.

But we did manage to corral them for a few minutes, in the end.

Later, I took the kids (by threes) for rides in the cargo trike, which turned out to be even more fun than the sword-fighting - at least for the kids. It was all work for me.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Jack; Jack-o-Lantern; Dorothy & Toto

Our Jack-o-Lantern for this year. Scary, if I may say so myself. And tasty - he had one night of glowing, and then Lorna made him into soup.

Jack, looking contemplative. Don't let it fool you - he's about to do something stupid.

Ella and Rosie, a bit blurry. Probably because they're never still.

Jack at breakfast. Too early for pictures, maybe.

I have no idea what this face is. He looks like an old man. Scary.