Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More Pictures, Less Text

First test run of the crazy cargo bike.

Ella at her drama class performance - she's the queen ant.

Ella took this one herself.

This is the pillow she made with Nana.

Jack holding the forbidden remote, looking innocent.

Ella and her friend Lola, playing dress-up.

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Anonymous said...

the pictures:
1) i'm happppy to see them
2) is that ELLA in the CART!!!?!??!?!?! (oh dear)
3) Jack is totally CUTE and getting very big
4) I'm so sad I missed Ella at Halloween!
Lots of LOVE!

h. goldsmith said...

yes, that's ella in the cart. she loves riding in it. she and jack have ridden in it together once or twice - he still doesn't like to sit still, which makes it interesting.