Sunday, September 14, 2008

She Shot the Sheriff, But Not the Deputy

The other night, my crazy wife decided to curl Elanor's hair without curlers. She took little sections of Ella's hair, twisted them, rolled them up into little knobblies, and put little hair-bands on them to hold them in place. Took close to three hours. Then Ella slept on it. This is what it looked like the next morning:

Everyone loved it - except Elanor. There was crying, wailing, gnashing of teeth - Ella even wore a hooded sweatshirt to church to keep it covered. At least we got a few pictures.
And I'm sorry about the bad joke in the title of the post - her hair was springy and weird, but not nearly so matted and crazy as dreadlocks, so referencing a reggae song doesn't quite work. However, there is sort of a reason:

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