Saturday, September 06, 2008

Big Pink Bicycle, Pt. 2

The big pink bicycle now holds all four of us. Lorna rides captain, I ride stoker, Ella rides between us, and Jack rides in the back. I'm not sure which kid will outgrow the arrangement first - Jack should be okay in the baby seat for another 18 months or two years, though we might have to get a bigger one. If Ella suddenly shoots up six inches, she'll probably be too tall to ride where she is now, but also too short to pedal. I'm hoping that doesn't happen at least until next summer, so we can get some good use out of it in this configuration before I have to start over.

I'm pleased with my faux-Euro kid seat - about $8 worth of metal plumbing bits, instead of $60 or $80 for something imported & fancy. The bungee cord is necessary to keep it from swinging - the front seat post is just a tiny bit smaller than the inside of the T joint, but a smaller one wouldn't have fit. Oh, well - I just want it to work, and it does. I'm not so concerned that it looks pretty.

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