Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Big Pink Bicycle, Pt. 1

My mom found this bike for me at an annual church garage sale a good friend of hers organizes: $35, a ridiculously good price. Aside from needing new tires & tubes, it was ready to ride when I got it.

The problem was that, while Lorna & I could ride together if we wanted, it would need some work to be practical for us as a family. Even with the stoker (rear) seat as low as it goes, Ella isn't nearly tall enough to pedal, though she could ride. I toyed with the idea of attaching Jack's baby seat to the captain seatpost and building a Big Dummy-style rack on the back, which Ella could ride on. Before I managed to (mentally) work out the bugs in that plan, I ran across some photos of Dutch cargo bikes (which blew me away), and this one in particular changed my thinking about the Big Pink Bicycle:

You can order these, from Europe, but with shipping they run upwards of $60. "But," I thought, "putting a seat like that between the captain and the stoker and putting Jack's seat on the back would allow all four of us to ride one bicycle, and Lorna and I would both be pedaling, so it wouldn't be that bad!" So I bought a few pieces of galvanized plumbing, used a spare saddle I already had, and rigged a seat for Ella.

There are still a few finishing touches - like a place to put cargo - but we've ridden it and aren't dead. I'll post pictures of the finished product (and maybe us riding it) soon.

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