Monday, July 28, 2008

Long-Overdue Update

Well, things are a tad hectic around here, as they usually are. Jack has been mobile for a few months now, which means he's a lot more work to keep up with; on top of that, Elanor has taken Cain's "I am not my brother's keeper" line to heart, making her thoroughly unreliable when it comes to "keeping an eye" on her brother while Lorna or I attempts to get some small chore done.

Jack's primary method of locomotion is still the swim-crawl, though he's finally mastered the traditional hands-and-knees crawl and busts it out occasionally. His top two incisors have broken the surface, though they aren't really visible unless you look from the right angle, which puts you in danger of being drooled on. He drools a lot.

He also eats like a linebacker; just for dinner, he ate a banana and a half and about four ounces (fluid ounces) of homemade chicken-and-rice baby food. Then he munched on Rice Chex for a little while.

Elanor is learning to read; she has Lorna's old "Sing Spell Read & Write" set and is working through it. I'm sure she'll be reading Shakespeare before I know it. She's also got pretty good taste in movies; one of her favorites is the A&E production of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. What five-year-old likes that?

Lorna's still working part time at the funeral home; I've been working in the Technical Services office at the library at Austin College since July 1st. It's fun, at least for now, and ridiculously better than Starbucks. Regular hours and, comparatively speaking, no stress and (almost) no stupid workplace drama.

Life is good, even when (as on this evening) the kids are screaming in concert and doing their damnedest to stay awake.

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