Saturday, June 07, 2008

And Your Little Dog, Too

I was riding home from work this evening (well, almost midnight) when a little yappie dog - the kind that's just about the size of a football - came shooting out of some driveway, growling its little yappie growl and running full tilt after me.

Now, I don't normally mind being chased by dogs while I'm riding my bike. I suppose a dog that was as big as I am, and which looked mean, or hungry, or rabid, might be a cause for some concern. Ditto a pack of feral dogs. But mostly, they just annoy me. And I was in no mood to be annoyed, nor to have some idiot dog follow me nearly a mile to my house because it was too stupid to stay close to home.

So I stopped as fast as I could, turned to face it, and growled back. The dog stopped, whimpered a confused, yappie whimper, and backed up a few paces. Then I turned the bike around and chased it back to its own driveway, and turned a few slow circles in the street, all the while giving it my best "don't make me take my belt off and beat you with it" stare. Then I resumed my ride.

You may think I was mean to that dog, but really, I was doing it a favor. A dog that small ought to know better than to chase after something so much bigger than itself as I am, especially when the bigger animal was completely unaware of and indifferent to it. I taught that dog a valuable lesson; I gave it a "get out of jail free" card in the game of Natural Selection. Maybe now it won't get eaten by a bear.

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