Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Budding Photographer

Ella's been playing with our digital camera lately. She's actually managed to take some good pictures.

Of people she loves:

(Ganny and Jack)


And those she tolerates:


And a few arty shots of everyday objects:

(Jack's swing)

Nap Time

I've been riding my bicycle(s) a lot more lately - to work, to the grocery store, to the pub - but last week I rode to Denison and back to pick up my bike trailer from the person I'd lent it to. Spending the winter driving everywhere took its toll: a mere twenty miles and I was out like a baby.

Toothless Joe ... er, Ella

So, Ella lost her other bottom incisor a few days ago. I say lost, but really she made me pull it out, and it didn't exactly come out willingly. She didn't cry, though, and it only bled a little, so I guess it was ready enough.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Two Toothless Tots

Not only has Jack continued to grow physically at a ridiculous rate, but his personality comes out more and more each day. He's been talking for several weeks - not actual words, of course, but weird baby vocalizations that at least mean something to him. Lorna swears he was asking for food last week. Maybe; but he's a baby, and he eats all the time anyway.

Elanor lost her first tooth - one of her bottom incisors - and other is loose, mostly because the new incisor is pushing it out of the way. I'd post a picture, but that seems like it might cross a line of grossness (and yes, I realize my last post was entirely about poop).

Still no word on the grad school front, though I'm reminded from all sides that it's still to early to have heard anything. Until I do, though, I can't make any real plans past the end of July. Not that I would anyway.

A $10 Cup of Coffee

I had the privilege last week of tasting Kopi Luwak, a variety of coffee that begins its journey from fruit to beverage in the digestive tract of a rodent. (Alright, they're not technically rodents. But they are small, omnivorous mammals.)

One of my coworkers received a half-pound (upwards of $80) for Christmas, and brought some to work to taste with me - because I'm one of the few people willing to drink coffee that's been in animal poop, I guess.

Anyway, it was surprisingly good - not worth the price, certainly, but very smooth, with some intriguing flavors that did not at all remind me of stomach acid, vomit, or feces. Seriously.

So the next time exotic beverages come up in a conversation you're involved in, at a cocktail party or informal brunch, for instance - you can say that you know personally someone stupid (or crazy, or adventurous, or whatever) enough to have actually ingested a cup of coffee brewed from beans harvested from the droppings of a small Asain mammal. Don't you feel special?