Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Kids at Christmas

This year's Christmas photo. Minus the dog and the parents.

Overdue Update

Sorry for the long radio silence. I spent the tail end of November, all of December, and a few days of January trying to work two jobs, part-time at Starbucks and full-time at Cigna as a dental CSA. The job at Cigna involved sitting at a desk all day, talking on the phone about dental insurance, and I hated every minute of it. So I quit, and I'm back at Starbucks full-time. Having a really bad job made me appreciate my only-sort-of-bad job.

The kids are both well. Elanor's back at school, and everyone's happy about it. Jack's started sleeping for long stretches (anywhere from six to eight hours, but usually around seven) at night, and everyone's very happy about that. He's up to 13 pounds, and is two feet long - a big damn kid. He started smiling, but I guess that was a month ago or more. Elanor still loves being a big sister, and wants to hold Jack a lot - but she can't hold him for very long anymore. She's adjusting pretty well to no longer being the only kid in the house. Some days she's got a bad attitude, and refuses to do what we tell her to, and storms around the house (all of which she gets from me, I'm afraid), but most of the time she's her normal sweet self. I think Jack will be like that, too: easy-going and loving, except when he's pissed off.

We've all mostly recovered from the holidays, our guest room is empty again, and we're getting back into our normal routine - or something close enough to "normal" and "routine" to call it that. So maybe I can get back into posting regularly, laboring under the illusion people actually read this thing. (That was a joke.)