Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Texas Department of Public Safety

Man, I love going to the DPS: the hum of the flourescent lights: the smell of government-issue bathroom cleaner; those same pale beige linoleum tiles that covered the floors of every public school I ever set foot in; the lady behind the counter who writes "LOST" on the paperwork despite the fact that I told her my driver's license was stolen, and who tells me as I'm leaving, with just a hint of smugness, to "hang on to" the temporary license she's given me; and, of course, the opportunity to give the government money. I love giving the government money.

And I got to go, not once, but twice, today, this very afternoon, to stand in line and sign little forms to replace that little card that says I'm me because some lowlife stole my wallet and went shopping with my credit card. It was awesome.

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